LATEST NEWS You can check the availability of our centres by clicking on the "Check Forecasts" button on the website homepage  |  A second ID Card Conversion Centre is now open at the Registrar Building in Port-Louis  |  A new ID Card Conversion Centre is now open in Triolet, Social Centre, 9ème mile.
Les citoyens de 23 à 44 ans pourront s’enregistrer pour la nouvelle carte d’identité à partir du 1er décembre 2013
Bagatelle Shopping Mall, le 23 novembre...
L'equipe MNIS au salon Infotech 2013

SVICC, Le 21 novembre 2013...

Welcome to the
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Identity Card website.

Your new ID card is here! Replacement of the new ID card has started from 1st October 2013. All citizens of the Republic of Mauritius, who already have an ID card should replace it with the new one. To get your new card, you will have to first register at an ID Card Conversion Centre and then return in two weeks to collect your new card. Registration will be done according to your age group. Identify the period that corresponds to your age group on the website, press, radio & TV Commercial. There will be 10 conversion centres across Mauritius. You will be able to choose your nearest ID Card Conversion Centre. Note that Rodrigues Conversion centres will be operational from January onwards.